GREECO engages in the development, manufacturing and sale of LED lighting products. With customer centered we are committed to providing industries best standards of quality.

Why Use LED


15x longer lifetime and adaptability to varied settings make it a better choice.

Pocket Friendly

As compared to conventional lights LED consumes 90% less power and saves more money on your energy bill.


Made from non-toxic material LEDs are environment-friendly since they don’t use mercury or cause UV/IR radiations and have a very low carbon footprint.

Better Standard

LEDs deliver a well-defined beam and hence improve the overall quality of light.


LEDs can also be adjusted to various scene settings.


Give a stunning look to your place with GREECO’s indoor lighting services. Chandeliers, ceilings, pendant lights, tube lightings or whatever it is. We can make every corner of your place look astonishingly better irresistibly attractive with the designer yet efficient LED fittings. This will give a completely new feel to your space where things will look brighter and lovelier. Make your living room livelier and ask you bathroom mirror to get ready to reflect a day like light on your face as things will now shine with positive rays of new shiny lights.


Make your patio, porch, backyard or any kind of exterior, stunningly beautiful with trendy and efficient outdoor lightings. The designer down lights, LED global bulbs, street lights and tube lights, you can enjoy a better, sophisticated look for your exterior. Equipped with energy saving properties, these outdoor lightings will save your hardly-earned precious money. Their resistance to perform better in any kind of weather and conditions than the other low-quality options will be an added benefit for you as you don’t have the need to worry replacement and maintenance charges.

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